Viewfindr Films

Our story

Amidst the cold winds of December,  the Christmas Eve of 2014 was when Viewfindr Films saw its inception. Passionate about telling stories, we always look forward to creative ideas and help people to bring them to life.  We started with a vision of a team which feels the drive towards communicating to humanity, and we have been able to gather like-minded people for this cause.

Our only goal is to continue on this road of stories, telling each of them “One frame at a time.”

We don’t make movies to make money, we make money to make more movies.

Walt Disney



Individuals of each domain involved in this process are in our team who carry invaluable experience with them.


We make a list of the many thoughts which come to our mind when we think over something, and then just strike-off the first 10.

Driven to deliver

It is a fast lane and everyone wants to get their word out first. Be the forerunner in the game, and we can help you out.


Yes, we produce projects which look “Amazing”. That is also the word you say when you finally pay for it.

They come with their homework done, which makes the whole process very organized and smooth. And they understood our needs very well.

Aniketh Jain

M.D at Kaleyra

It was a great experience working with them. They managed to be creative and came up with something new while staying in the guidelines we provided.

Amith Karia

Owner Kalanidhi

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