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What we do best is making Lemon tea.
But we shoot the most stunning videos, after having a cup of it.

AD Film

A marketing communication to promote or sell an idea, service or product. Ad films can be appealing, informative and entertaining and are shown via varied mediums. Like we said, we are here to tell you a story.

Digital Film

Digital films have carved a new way to showcase our ideas, effectively and affordably. With benefits such as a better turnaround time, a dynamic range capacity. Here’s to staying ahead of the tech curve.

Corporate AV

Corporate AVs are mostly used to promote and create awareness of a company’s brand as a whole and are used in a business setting amongst many other things. We therefore bring to you, effective, updated and brisk information.

Brand Film

These films focus on telling your story with high production value and is thus, an important part of marketing strategy for any business. Here’s giving you a space to connect with your audience and take Centerstage!

Case-Study Film

Case Study films communicate the disparate parts of a campaign as a cohesive whole. This can be done with a feeling. We promise you, no tiresome clichés. Here’s pure, targeted and persuasive communication!


Often used to bring out an unknown or interesting perspective, documentaries are factual elements weaved into a compelling and truthful narrative. Basically, stories of the reality, told right.

Action/Sports Film

With high-quality cinematic representation and inspirational content, Action film bring together a perfect narrative to boost you energy. A production in which a sport, sporting event, athlete are prominently featured.

Short Documentaries

Short, but substantial. Usually 2-5 minutes long, short documentaries highlight narratives about a person or a place and how it has come to life. Providing insights, engagement and a little food for thought.

Walkthrough Video

Walkthrough videos is based mostly on a layout and the video ensures the viewer gets a wholesome idea of the layout. So, you see, we could have stopped at just taking pictures. But we decided to add a little more context to it.


Informative, share-worthy, educational communication that positions a brand as an expert and thought leader in its field. Videos that have just the apt content which is shareable and retainable at the same time.

Industrial AV

Information and facts, perfectly simplified and shot beautifully – of how an industry works, it’s people, product and how everything and everyone comes together to work in sync for a bigger impact – the ad for the simple man!

Testimonial Video

Stories of people and workspace culture. A testimonial video gives you an insight into the vibe and energy that thrives in the workplace. We even bring out the introverts on camera to speak their hearts out!

Teaser Video

Perfect amount of peek into something awesome! Bundled into a quick and energetic video, we create just the right hype and provide info about the product to the consumers. A video which leaves you wanting for more!

Training Video

Everything you need to know, is right here! An effective communication put out to an audience which wants to learn about a subject. Informative, but definitely not mundane!

Event Video

Event videos are bright, fast paced and involves a lot of people. With an effective edit, and bringing out the many key messages, we ensure that it looks as action-packed and as interesting as it was in real.



Creating characters and make them talk?
Its a piece of cake for us. Which we will eat, eventually.

Motion Graphics

The fluid, bouncy animated way of keeping you engaged.Together with music and effective copywriting it’s great way to express important ideas, create awareness, and to call prospective customers to action.

2D Animation

The art of creating movement in a 2-dimensional space. The illusion of movement is created when individual drawings are sequenced together over time. And here’s where our artistic dexterity and imagination come together!

3D Explainer

These videos can go into great detail, depicting situations that you couldn’t in real life. They are more life like than other forms of animation, helping viewers visualise the context and how their business will help solve a problem.


Isometric Animation is a method of visually representing three-dimensional objects in two dimensions. These videos are a curious mix of 2D and 3D simulated animation. It’s a substitute to 3D and light on the pocket.

Workflow Video

As the name suggests, workflow is a step by step guide on how to use a product or a service. These are simple Do it yourself videos with its main focus of training or educating the viewer.

Whiteboard Animation

Bringing those brush strokes into life! This type of video basically illustrates the narrative on a whiteboard or time-lapse drawings bringing the story out through an author’s perspective.

Journey Video

Storytelling is as important as the story. Our videos perfectly portray both! This video entails the journey of that the product or the person underwent to be at the status quo. A Visual ride to keep you hooked!


Typography can invoke a feeling, remind you of a certain brand, or create an atmosphere by bringing character and play an emotive role in every design.. So there, we even make the text look appealing!


Stories told, but in a way that has a recall value. An explainer video lets you quickly tell your brand’s story in an effective way. These are used to talk about a product or a service or simply communicate an idea to the consumer.

Stop Motion Video

Stop Motion Animation is a technique used in animation to bring static objects to life on screen. When all these frames are played in a sequence – you get a story to relish! It’s animation captured one frame at a time.

Vector Animation

Vector Animation is the process of designing, drawing, making layouts and preparation of photographic sequences. In a nutshell, this category is a lot cleaner, smoother and to your liking!

Live Action with Animation

Finally, a mix and match that works wonders! With characters represented by cast members through motion capture and then animated and modeled by animators, these films give you the best of both worlds!



Ansel Adams said, “You don’t take a photograph, you make it.”
Well, we agree to this genius.



Pop culture, hook lines and the knowledge on
how to take over the world is something we specialize in.

Time is crucial than other elements, so be quick to showcase yourself to world.
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