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Each frame is said to be equal to a thousand words. And magic is bound to happen when thousands of words are put together to tell a beautiful story.

ViewStory is a platform where we capture extraordinary stories of people who seem to be ordinary, but are a part of an impactful change. Our team feels the sheer urge of spreading these tales of inspiring humans among us, and make as many people aware to their efforts which represent humanity in its true form.

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The Urban Farmer

Working every day from 9 to 5, we don’t get to see the sunlight.

Same was the case of Hemal Patel. He saw that humans have just created a cycle of Consumerism and Artifice. But he was tired of this cycle as he missed nature and the pure food it provides organically to us.

In this ViewStory, meet the man who left his established career for educating people, especially kids, about healthy and organic living.


Damaged: Roads or Lives?

That day, Dadarao could not sleep.

He lost his son in a road accident.

But was it an accident? And could Dadarao Bhilore ever sleep again? See the struggles and efforts of a father longing for his deceased son in our ViewStory about a real incident, “Damaged: Roads or Lives?”


The woman who knows about you

Sometimes it takes a lifetime for someone to understand their own self. And it can be strange when a woman claims to know everything about you. Not just your Present and Past, but also your Future.

Would you like to know about yourself? In this ViewStory, we explore the world of faith and how a Clinical psychologist turned her path towards seeing people’s future and helping them to heal through it.


Beach Please - A story about saving the seashores

Humans are the dominating species of this planet.

But does that mean other species aren’t as important?

We have used the Earth according to our needs, and in the process, we have converted the Oceans into our dumping grounds. And a significant amount comes back to the shore to affect millions of lives.

Malhar Kalambe wants to see all the beaches of Mumbai clean. And this ViewStory shows how a young guy started a revolution when he decided to collect his bunch of friends to do something which no one paid attention to.


Doctor For Beggar - A story about creating life.

A hand can ask for help. But we need another to give them what they need.

A man has left everything what he built, and now runs around the city of Pune on his motorcycle.

we share a ViewStory of someone who brings joy and care to people who are ignored the most.


KALEYRA - A story about connecting everyone

It is important, to communicate.

To talk.
And to listen to people.

There are many unsung heroes in today’s digital world, who have made your life super-easy and you have no idea who they are.

Here is a ViewStory of how these people are responsible for millions of notifications and calls to you, without you knowing about it.

Bringing to you “Kaleyra”.


KANAVU - To Dream

Everyone has a right to dream.

“Kanavu” talks about the urge inside the hearts of those, who do not have the privilege to chase them.

We want to share this heart-stirring, ViewStory which talks about an everyday reality of our society.



A Silk story” is a ViewStory about the relation of our culture, its people and the fabric itself. And the immediate question over the industry that, Will it continue to flourish?

This story started almost 4 millenniums ago.

We hope we can represent it by this showcase of few people working dearly towards this art form.



Life is all about finding a way. But that is not the end to it.

You got to find a way, and then run. Run towards your destination with all your might, and be the someone you dream to be.

Since childhood, Shruti was looking for a way. And when she found she ran, literally.

This is an inspiring ViewStory of a well-to-do MBA corporate, turning into a Yoga Guru and a acclaimed Marathon runner.   “Rise Above”.



In his own words, “Every child is equal for him.”

Each one of us is so busy in our cycle of life, that we have been left out of the wheel of love and compassion.

It is not easy to surrender yourself for a cause which doesn’t affect you directly. But the team at this Bengaluru-based NGO is working and inspiring thousands.

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