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Through the looking glass: What truly is a photographer’s life like?

There are loads of surprises to having a career as an expert photographer than taking great photos. The approach your day takes can vary depending on whether you’re a studio photographer, a portrait photographer, a landscape guy, or an events guy, and whether you work alone or as a part of a team.

Another factor to keep in mind is that there’s never a ‘typical’ day and you most definitely won’t be operating as a conventional 9-5 job! Each shoot is exclusive, and there’s additionally heaps of labour involved pre and post the photography session. To thrive as a knowledgeable photographer you got to be driven, disciplined and versatile regarding your work.

Let’s take a look at some of the things you might do during a day, as a professional photographer.

While you shoot

Depending on the sort of shoot you’re doing, you will need to start terribly early to be positive you’re on location and established to save the most of your shooting time and also the available light (if you’re working outdoors or with natural light). As an alternative, you would possibly be operating late into the evening, according to your client’s necessities.

Before you walk out for the job, you got to double check your equipment— especially confirming that you have enough storage and fully charged batteries for your equipment!

When you get to the place, as well as establishing your setup, you’ll most probably interact with the others involved in the shoot (client, model, assistant) to discuss what will happen during the session. It’s good to have everything laid out so at the end you do get the pictures what your client actually wants from.

Now the part which is fun — going behind the camera and getting some great shots. As well as composing your photographs and thinking about light, aperture, and F-stops, you’ve got to relate to the people being photographed, getting them to relax and take your direction.

Depending on the type of shoot, you could be working for one hour or several. But once the photography and pack up is finished, there is still plenty left to do!

After the shoot

First of all, you’ll back up everything! Then it’s time to sort through the many photos you’ve taken. Once you’ve selected the best of the bunch, you’ll do any post-production work required in Photoshop, then send the final images to the client.

Getting down to business

If you work on your own and don’t have anyone looking after with administration, there are the nuts and bolts of business that got to be attended to, together with reading and responding to emails from potential/current clients, handling bookings and planning in work for the weeks ahead. You furthermore may need to invoice clients and probably chase up unpaid invoices.

You’ll additionally place a while into designing your next shoot, acting on and change your portfolio, and ensuring all of your valuable equipment is maintained with improvement and service.

As you can see, being a professional photographer is a full and busy job, but it can be incredibly rewarding when you get those great shots and fantastic feedback from happy clients.

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